SAS 70 Audit


SAS 70 Audits refer to auditing standards developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to signify that a service organization has been through an in depth audit of their control processes.  PPMC has undergone a SAS 70 Audit (Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 Audit) to review PPMC's controls placed in operation and ensure they meet the following Control Objectives:


  1. To ensure that adequate controls are in place to safeguard client and patient information.
  2. To ensure that technology is up-to-date and properly maintained.
  3. To ensure the integrity, completeness, accuracy and timeliness of the processing of client information.
  4. To ensure that there are adequate segregation of duties in place to:
    1. Minimize the risk of a diversion of funds.
    2. Better ensure that any diversion of funds would be identified. 
    3. Enhance the review process.
    4. Better ensure that any posting or deposit variances will be found, researched and understood.
    5. Ensure that appropriate information is communicated to clients.
  5. To ensure that there is adequate oversight over the processing and reporting of client information to reduce the risk of errors going undetected and better ensure that clients are invoiced appropriately.

Auditors' Report
The auditors' report prepared by Ouellette & Associates, PA, Certified Public Accountants states in part that "…….in our opinion, the controls, as described, are suitably designed to provide reasonable assurance that the specified control objectives would be achieved if the controls were complied with satisfactorily….."

PPMC will readily release a copy of the entire SAS 70 Auditors' report to qualified prospective clients.