Compliance Experts at Your Service

Maintaining a comprehensive compliance plan can provide physicians with Peace of mind.  Unfortunately, many practices do not have sufficient administrative support available to initiate and maintain compliance plans.  Therefore, PPMC offers an affordable and comprehensive compliance plan administration service. Peace of mind comes standard with the service.

Within the framework of its compliance plan administration service, PPMC is able to assist clients with:

  • CPT & ICD - 9 Coding Education
  • Compliance Training
  • Compliance Plan Administration (Including: Implementation of compliance plans, ongoing updates, education and training, and routine compliance audits)
  • Medicare Fraud and Abuse Guidance
  • Monitoring Legislative Changes
  • Other compliance related issues as needed.

PPMC has extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements for both medical practices and medical billing services.  We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest regulatory requirements for both medical practices and billing services. Every member of our organization is required to participate in compliance training and attest their adherence to all established PPMC compliance policies. Our commitment to ongoing compliance training ensures your billing will be managed and monitored thoroughly and effectively to further minimize your practice's exposure to compliance issues. PPMC has a secure operations center and fully integrated confidentiality controls.

[PPMC is bonded with errors and omissions insurance.]