Situated within PPMC's primary service area, Connecticut is an ideal area for PPMC to efficiently offer its services. PPMC is readily able to establish direct e-bill submissions to First Coast Service Options, Inc. (the Medicare intermediary for Connecticut), Connecticut Medicaid, and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue shield of Connecticut.  Additionally, Aetna, Cigna Health Care, United Health Care, and other third party insurers are prevalent in Connecticut just as throughout PPMC's service area.  This affords PPMC with the carrier and third party specific information necessary to ensure success in providing services to Connecticut medical practices. 

Providing services to clients throughout New England has availed PPMC of the skills necessary to successfully provide medical billing and physician management services to Connecticut based clients.  PPMC is accustomed to routinely serving clients within a reasonable day's drive from our corporate offices.  Connecticut clients can be readily serviced by PPMC's travel ready practice management team.