You didn't become a physician to collect receivables.

At PPMC, we not only understand that, it's our daily inspiration.
A trusted provider of medical billing and practice management services since 1995, PPMC is powered by a profound respect for physicians like you and the care you provide. We never lose sight of the fact that the better we are at managing the health of your practice, the more time and energy you have for your patients.

Make the Change, Experience the Difference

Whether you are starting a new practice or looking for a change, let PPMC take care of all the billing and management details while you take care of your patients. Transition to PPMC is seamless and our staff works on your billing as though they are members of your back office.

We're proud of our reputation for impeccable customer service and straightforward pricing. It would be our pleasure to provide a list of current clients who will eagerly support this claim.

We invite you to contact us for a practice performance assessment to review your current performance, identify opportunities for improvement and find out if PPMC is the right fit for your practice.

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